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15-Nov-2016 10:14

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prides itself on fast, in-depth coverage, whether it's the latest celebrity arrest, dating rumors, trip by Britney Spears to Millennium Dance Studio or episode of your favorite shows. Tessa Horst, a 26-year-old San Francisco social worker, accepted the final rose - and a marriage proposal to boot - from Andy Baldwin in last night's finale of ended with its bachelor proposing to his final female choice. "I've always imagined this day, and this is beyond my wildest dream... " Andy, a 30-year-old undersea medical officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, asked Tessa Horst from bended knee at the conclusion of last night's special two-hour finale. " answered Tessa, who put her hand to her mouth and whispered, "Oh my God..." as Andy slipped a diamond ring around her finger. In choosing Tessa, Andy dispatched of Bevin Powers, a 28-year-old Palo Alto, Calif., native who became the 24th and final bachelorette to be eliminated from Officer and a Gentleman's pool of 25 wives-to-be.

So good riddance to Bill Simmons and very funny, very lazy wife. I met a woman who makes me feel so happy and so amazing," Baldwin gushed.

Therefore, Andrew Baldwin's lucky days are Sundays and Saturdays and lucky numbers are: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22 and 26.

Blue, Blue-green, Grey and Black are Andrew Baldwin's lucky colors.

Then there’s the rejected ladies who have the chance of being the next “Bachelorette” — a title often coveted more.

We knew that last season's bachelor stud, Andy Baldwin, split from his fiancée, Tessa Horst, but now, there's apparently little chance at reconciliation, with the 30-year-old Navy lieutenant set to embark on a tour of duty for 6-12 months beginning in January, according to his official site. What better way to celebrate the freedom of the United States of America than a photo finish featuring two of this great country's hottest bodies?