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12-Dec-2016 03:20

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So should you be when a man is hesitant to divulge who he is beneath the surface.

It takes time to lean a person’s character but when a man is too vague and mysterious, about his age, where he lives, and essentially who he is you should be alarmed.

The truth is “If All Men Are Dogs, Then Women You Hold the Leash”. This article is not to meant to excuse men including myself of accountability. You do not have to turn your life into an animal shelter only to later dread whom you have allowed to have access to your heart.I’ve seen him around for the past couple of years but we had rarely spoken.One night I went to the bar with a coworker who kind of played matchmaker and arranged a date between the two of us (me and the guy – not me and coworker). He’s more overweight than I am, so my weight isn’t an issue.I attribute this not to your advice, but to the fact that the new photo clearly shows that I’m a bit overweight, which seems to be as big a turn-off for men as sociopathic tendencies are for women. But there has been a new development for which I need some advice, and as I thought about whom I should ask, your name was first in my mind.

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About two and a half months ago, I started getting involved with this guy who is a regular at a bar I go to.

“That is why a woman can be aroused the minute a man walks in the door of our apartment because he gave her a hot, smoking kiss that morning when they parted and her mind thought about it all day long creating that strong physical reaction later,” Xuma says.