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03-Jun-2016 15:12

More importantly the world remains faithful to the time period. All of our original heroes have meaningful, interrelated histories in the world of Amaranth.

Their true character is revealed in rich dialog, detailed visuals, custom hero gear, crafting materials and individualized lore books.

So effectively in regards to yours, they are not at fault, and merely trying to fix a big mistake they have made by losing a disk.

Put yourself in position of the admin staff at Stardust, having people say that kind of thing about refunds is gonna be like flies bothering them, instead of people like me trying to help them where possible.

Distributor is Kalypso I think in Turkey because I can see it's name on the box. I tried all the options they listed to resolve it but none work.

So I told them "I want a refund,as the product is of unmerchantable Quality & Service" this was their reply.....

More specifically, replace the Galaxy Scenario Def in Galaxy Forge with the one from Maelstrom ...

Are you looking for a quick team game to pick up with your friends at night?

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Step up Thrawn's Revenge 2, a total conversion mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that changes the game into a huge, detailed Star Wars scenario, complete with Star Wars fleets and rule changes.

Maybe it's just me, but people seem to jump onto the bandwagon of criticism and hatred far quicker with each passing year, especially against game companies.