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Download PDF Version By action of the 2016 General Conference, there are currently forty-nine Heritage Landmarks of The United Methodist Church.Three new Heritage Landmarks were designated by the 2016 General Conference.They are tangible reminders of our heritage and their preservation helps keep our denominational legacy alive. Material in this guide may be copied by local churches, Heritage Landmarks, and other agencies of The United Methodist Church without further approval.For further information about the forty-nine Heritage Landmarks or to learn how a place becomes so designated, please contact the General Secretary, General Commission on Archives and History, P. Introduction: Look to the rock from which you were hewn...

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In 1917 construction of a temporary church building, affectionately dubbed “The Little Brown Church,” was begun near our current location to house the small but rapidly growing church.

From its humble beginnings on the SMU campus, Highland Park United Methodist Church has continued to grow, even beyond our main campus.

In 2011 the beautiful and historic Munger Place Church was renovated and re-opened to become an East Dallas satellite campus for HPUMC, allowing us to now offer multiple styles types of worship opportunities on two campuses.

Each worship service generally features a special anthem led by our Chancel Choir.

Pastor Todd (or on occasion, a special guest) leads us in a sermon each week.

Church isn’t just about following Jesus; it is about following Jesus with other people.